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Purchasing Real Estate in Rocky Point

Have a Safe Transaction

Let our staff help you through the negotiations and the legal process. We work with several law firms here in Puerto Penasco that only deal with Real Estate transactions. When we hear of the problems buyers have, it is mainly because they dealt with a company or an agent that is not familiar with Commercial transactions in Mexico.  They were not advised to get legal representation or other legal assistance. As in the states, you don’t go to a divorce attorney to help you in a Real Estate transaction.  It is the same in Mexico.   
As a buyer you don’t want a company that cuts corners to represent you. Like in the states there are formalities to follow. Most important, is making sure the property you are wanting to buy is sellable and you can obtain the title. There are a lot of properties for sale in and around Puerto Penasco area that are not listed on any web site or MLS. We are very familiar with these properties.
A lot of Mexican property owners are not familiar with selling their properties. They are not aware of the legal processes or the transaction details like in the US.  They are not interested in listing their properties, but they have the properties for sale and wish to sell. Most of the beachfront properties from El Golfo to San Carlos are this way. There are a lot of properties in these areas that are in Ejido and cannot be sold because of title issues. As a buyer, you must be aware of these properties and the issues involved. Because it looks like a great deal and smells like a great deal, doesn’t mean it’s a great deal. This is where most buyers get in trouble and get caught up in a bad transaction.
Buying property in Mexico is just like in the US. You must do your due diligence. This is why a buyer must pick a Real Estate company and agent who is familiar with all aspects of purchasing and leasing commercial property in Mexico.
If you're interested in buying or leasing a currently operating business, it is important that your agent help you through the due diligence process. Most of the small businesses do not have proper accounting books, which makes the process a little daunting. It is important that your agent is familiar with the owner and the business. This is not a difficult process, but detail orientated.  This is why having a local agent that specializes in selling commercial properties is a must.
If you have any questions about purchasing or leasing commercial property, We would be glad to meet with you and answer any questions that you may have. Also, If you have commercial property or a business you are interested in selling, We would be glad to assist you with the evaluation and help you to get them listed. Puerto Penasco is now still a buyer’s market.  We have hit the turnaround period so now is the time.

Commercial Listings

Commercial Listings

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Las Conchas Parcel, Lot Frac.2
12-248 Las Conchas $3,600,000 178,049 sq. m."178 X 1000" Lot / Land Lots and Land
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Laguna Derl Mar Lot 26
18-48 Laguna Del Mar $279,000 Lot / Land Lots and Land
10 photos
M.1 S.2 Lot 24a Laguna Del Mar
18-45 Laguna Del Mar $149,000 Lot / Land Lots and Land
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